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Nintendo Announces a Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Jack Gardner


In a Nintendo Direct video, which can be viewed here, Reggie Fils-Aime, the president and COO of Nintendo of America, shared that a direct sequel to the classic top-down Legend of Zelda adventure is coming to the 3DS. The new title will make use of the 3D features on the handheld to incorporate vertical levels and the ability to transform into a 2D wall drawing into its puzzle solving mechanics. We are incredibly excited to see more details on the title which are likely to be revealed during E3 in June. 


The press announcement also included a slew of information regarding previously announced titles. Satoru Iwata touched on the story details of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (3DS), the wireless features of Mario Golf World Tour (3DS), the changes New Super Luigi U brings to the New Super Mario Bros. U (DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U on the WiiU), the differences between the Wii version of Donkey Kong Country Returns and the remake coming to 3DS, and a new flying pikmin type in Pikmin 3. Other new game announcements were made as well. A new Mario Party title, a downloadable Mario vs. Donkey Kong game called Minis on the Move, and a third installment in the Yoshi’s Island series (which is well worth being excited about as well) were announced for 3DS.




Mr. Iwata discussed the console update for the WiiU. The update will improve load times, allow users to transfer data between two hard drives, automatically install software, and allow gamers to download and install updates even when the system is turned off. The WiiU Virtual Console will launch the day after the update goes live next week. When the service launches, classic titles like Balloon Fight, Mario Bros., Punch Out, Super Mario Bros. 2, F-Zero, Super Metroid, Excite Bike, Kirby Super Star, Super Mario World, all of which can be played on the WiiU gamepad. Iwata added that Nintendo is working on bringing Game Boy Advance and N64 titles to the WiiU virtual console. Most importantly for Virtual Console fans, Iwata announced that Earthbound will finally be making its way to Europe and North America in response to fan outcry at the Japanese only release of the title in March.



Bill Trinen from the Treehouse branch of Nintendo then came on to demonstrate gameplay from the upcoming Game & Wario, discuss features in the newest Monster Hunter, and showcase a 3DS sequel to Lego City Undercover. Trinen also announced that numerous Japanese releases are being brought overseas for 3DS. Among these titles are Square Enix’s Bravely Default Flying Fairy (see image below), a wide variety of Level 5 titles such as Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, The Starship Damrey, Bugs vs. Tanks, and Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale. Atlus also announced an incredibly lavish Shin Megami Tensei IV release for the 3DS this summer.



For more information, you can watch the Nintendo Direct press release here (if you are only interested in the Legend of Zelda announcement, skip to 35:10).

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