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New Trailer Shows Pokémon Sun and Moon in Action

Jack Gardner



The latest generation of Pokémon are almost upon us! Nintendo has released a new look at the characters and legendary Pokémon of the two new companion titles. 


Pokémon Sun features Solgaleo, a steel and psychic type, as its legendary Pokémon. Armed with a Sunsteel Strike that packs a wallop, Solgaleo is a lionesque Pokémon with a flowing metal exterior. As an emissary of light, the people of Alola refer to Solgaleo as "the beast that devours the sun." The sun lion's defensive ability, called Full Metal Body, prevents Solgaleo's stats from being altered by enemy abilities or attacks.


Pokémon Moon's Lunala represents the power of the moon as a psychic/ghost type. Known as "the beast that calls the moon," Lunala can unleash a devastating attack called Moongeist that harnesses the true power of the moon. It's inherent ability is called Shadow Shield that blocks a significant portion of damage when hit by an attack at full HP.  



We are also introduced to a few of the primary characters in the upcoming games. Professor Kukui takes on the role of resident Pokémon expert with the help of his assistant Lillie, a girl who has a past that could become important sometime during the games' storyline. The trailer also reveals Hau, the player's primary friend in Alola. 


Also, I guess the new Pokédex is now a Pokémon? Possessed by a Rotom, the new Pokédex truly bridges the gap between humans and Pokémon.


Pokémon Sun and Moon will be available on 3DS later this year on November 18.

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