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New Trailer Brings the Hype for Upcoming Call of Duty: WWII Release

Naomi N. Lugo



First Person Shooters have a certain ability. They can raise our blood pressure, help us invent new ways to flip tables, but most of all they have the ability to bring us together. Aww. 


This is a phenomenon that the creators of the new Call of Duty entry WWII seem to be well aware of and made the center of their new trailer "“Reassemble!” which launched on October 15.



In it, we see a tropey but self-aware story using the plotline of the gang getting back together for one more hit, but this time it's for the return of the game. "Haven't you heard? Call of Duty is going back to World War II baby," the inciting member says to a squad member, "we gotta get the guys back together," he replies. 


The ensuing scenes include the gathering of the squad through various settings. It's endearing and seems to be translating well for fans, at least so far. As of publishing this article, the like/dislike ratio sits at 17,000 likes to 1,000 dislikes. Significantly better than Call of Duty trailers have faired in the past. The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer currently has a bitter ratio of 581,000 likes to 3 million dislikes. Ouch. The WWII launch trailer is at 1 million likes to 97,000 dislikes, by the way, possibly showing tempered expectations. 


Call of Duty: World War II launches November 3 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. 


How do you feel about Call of Duty returning to WWII? Are your hopes high for the latest installment? Let us know in the comments below. 

Edited by Naomi N. Lugo

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I can see the existence of a Nazi Zombie mode in Call of Duty: WW2 has been confirmed! It looks not unlike Sniper Elite's Nazi Zombie mode: you'll be travelling through a village in Mittelburg, Germany, to recover priceless art that the Axis forces have stolen. Of course, as this is the Nazi Zombie mode, things take a turn for the worse. 

Unlike some previous affairs, this seems much more like a co-op storyline rather than a set of unconnected missions. As it's taking place during WW2, we're unlikely to see things move into space, but given it's Call of Duty: WW2's Nazi Zombie mode, anything could happen. 

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