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New Prey Gameplay Trailer Hints at Larger Story

Jack Gardner



QuakeCon is underway and new details have emerged regarding Arkane's reboot of Prey. Arkane's Prey takes place on a space station, called Talos One, that has become infected with a mysterious alien presence. These shadowy creatures can take on numerous forms, from humanoid to tiny, spider-like beings. Not only are these creatures so dangerous that the protagonist, Morgan Yu, warns that even one breaching the station's containment could spell doom for humanity, they also possess the ability to disguise themselves as small objects in the environment - an ability that players will also be able to use at some point in their time with Prey. If that doesn't seem like something that will lead to some pretty amazing Let's Plays, I don't know what would.


Talos One operated as a hub of human testing and players will be able to obtain new powers and upgrade via eyeball injection "Neuromods." In-depth crafting will play a large part in the game, as well as creative weapons like a gun that shoots hardening resin, which can be used to freeze enemies or create new paths through the environment.


There are a lot of things in this trailer and the details coming out of QuakeCon that scream System Shock with a hint of Dead Space to me. The atmosphere feels thick and authentic, while the action and problem-solving looks like it could be some of the most creative the triple A mainstream has seen in a while. 



Prey releases in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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