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New Overwatch Hero Is a Hamster

Jack Gardner



A new hero has joined the Overwatch cast that might lack in physical size but brings plenty of firepower along with him. Hammond the Hamster comes from the same lunar colony as Winston where his nightly forays and augmented brain growth around the base led to him becoming a master mechanic. He escaped the colony along with Winston, landing in the Australian outback. There, he modified his escape capsule into a combat mech, gaining notoriety in the robotic fighting arena of Junkertown. After fighting his way up the ranks, Hammond earned enough money to begin traveling the world in search of adventure under his arena name, Wrecking Ball.


Wrecking Ball has been designed as a tanky bruiser suited for picking off weakened enemies in the backline. He relies on a set of quad cannons to provide his main damaging moves and can transform into a rolling ball of doom to travel quickly along the ground. But don't feel too save because you play more vertically minded champions, as Hammond can use a grappling claw to swing to different areas, doing damage and knocking back enemies encountered along the way. While airborne, he's capable of performing a piledriver that slams his mech into the ground, damaging enemies in an area and launching them into the sky. He can also create shields that increases in strength proportionally to how many enemies are around. And when his ultimate reaches its full charge, Wrecking Ball can lay down a large area of proximity mines for area denial - or drop them on a group of enemies from above for immediate damage.  



For Overwatch players eager to get their hands on Hammond as soon as possible, he's already gone live on the Overwatch Public Test Region. To join the PTR, all you have to do is own Overwatch on PC, go to the game in the client, change to PTR: Overwatch in the region/account menu, and install the PTR. If you don't care to download the testing version of the game at the moment or don't own Overwatch on PC, you won't have to wait too long to see Wrecking Ball wrecking chumps in the live version of the game. 


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