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New Doom Cinematic Trailer Is Metal in Every Sense of the Word

Jack Gardner



The live-action trailer for Bethesda's Doom has landed and it is looking pretty snazzy in its full metal jacket. Directed by Joe Kosinski, best known for helming Tron: Legacy and Oblivion, the trailer plays almost like a minute long montage of moments as a long space marine makes his way through the demon-infested corridors of a space base. As the marine wades through the demonic forces, the song "New Noise" by Refused plays, adding additional metal flair to a pretty great minute-long video. Bethesda said that the trailer was made to represent the three pillars of Doom: Action, demons, and guns.




Doom releases this coming May on the 13th, which happens to be a Friday, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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I cannot wait for this game. Watched Rooster Teeth's Day of Doom this week and it made me really excited for the game. Seems to have kept it's old school roots but in a current gen look. I'm stoked. 

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