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New Detective Pikachu Trailer Revels in Its Mystery

Jack Gardner

Mewtwo Detective Pikachu 1.jpg


Detective Pikachu returns in a lengthy trailer focusing on the trusty pokémon detective, his human companion, and the mystery they both set out to solve. If the hype surrounding the film can be used to judge how well it will do, expect it to be huge. 


Detective Pikachu tells the story of Tim Goodman (Justice Smith), a young man who grew up wanting to become a pokémon trainer, but soured on the idea along the way. As the film begins, he's an unhappy, mild-mannered telemarketer (or at least doing a job that looks very similar to telemarketing). Tim's basically the vision of what happens to trainers in the pokémon world when they can't become successful adventurers. That is, until the night he comes home to find a talking pikachu (Ryan Reynolds)with a caffeine addiction in his apartment. With Tim's father, a legendary police officer on the Rhyme City force, missing, it's up to the unlikely duo to solve the disappearance.


The new trailer delves into the backstory of the titular pikachu detective. We learn that he suffers from amnesia and woke up on a lonely country road alone. The only clue he has to go on is the name Harry Goodman written on the inside of his adorable Sherlock Holmes hat (incidentally, that style of hat is called a deerstalker, but it just seems wrong to say that pikachu wears a deerstalker). That leads him to Tim's apartment and the two pair up to find Harry, Tim's missing father. Their journey takes them on a collision course with a mysterious woman, a seedy underground fighting ring run by some shady characters, and a special ops squad of Greninja. Oh, and Mewtwo appears as a possible antagonist.



Now, aside from these two trailers and a selection of tidbits revealed in interviews, details on the story beyond that are scarce. So, here are a few of my theories: 


Tim's dad got wrapped up in a large scale investigation of Team Rocket. My guess is it's going to be Team Rocket rather than one of the other criminal teams that have existed across the Pokémon franchise because of Mewtwo and its history of being involved with Team Rocket. Team Rocket's lower members participate and profit off of the operation of underground pokémon battle arenas that aren't as safe as mainstream ones.


Getting wrapped up in all of this, Harry Goodman stumbled across evidence of forbidden experimentation going on at a secret lab, which can be seen during one of the rapid cut moments in the second trailer. However, Harry was discovered and used as fodder in the experiment - which transformed him into a pokémon, the adorable detective himself. This isn't the first time this has happened in Pokémon history and I'm going to guess there will be some nod to Pokémon Red & Blue's continuity with the lead scientist being named Bill. I'm also going to go out on a limb and guess that the Flareon we see form out of light on what appears to be an opulent desk is Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, using the refined transformation tech (which I further guess is based off of the pokémon Ditto's abilities). Flareon also might just be evolving or coming out of a pokéball, but the framing and animation implies that it might be something more important.


The mysterious woman we see adventuring with Tim is likely a scientist who escaped from the lab with some hidden agenda either related to the good detective or Mewtwo itself. I'm leaning toward the Mewtwo possibility because she appears to have a psyduck companion and that's one of the few major psychic pokémon we see in the trailers. 



This new trailer comes on the heels of the announcement that The Pokémon Company would also be releasing a complete remake of the first Pokémon filmPokémon: The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back, using CGI called Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution. The remake is slated for release on July 12 of this year.


Detective Pikachu releases in theaters later this year on May 10. What are some of your theories for the movie so far? 


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