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New Animated Short Film Shows the Origins of Majora's Mask

Jack Gardner



If you ever wondered about the origins of the Skull Kid and his titular mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Ember Lab, an animation outfit based out of California, has put together a short film to give their take on the enigmatic character's backstory. The short, titled 'Terrible Fate,' is a frankly impressive piece of work that manages to be at turns mysterious, playful, and frightening. Visually, Ember Lab seems to have thrown their full talents at this project. Environments pop with life. Characters, even in the short run-time, have arcs that work to flesh out their roles in the game. Terrible Fate adds details to the already rich narrative of Majora's Mask that highlight the tragic ascent of the Skull Kid as a villain.


While Ember Lab handled the animation work, the soundtrack does some heavy lifting as well. Theophany, a regular over on the video game remixing site OCRemix, lent his considerable talent to craft a compelling soundscape for 'Terrible Fate.' The result is an incredibly effective synergy between the visuals and orchestral score. Theophany was so passionate about this project that he's committed to releasing a full multi-disc album to accompany the short. While the full composition has yet to be completed, interested fans can listen or download the first disc on the site for 'Terrible Fate.' 



There have been multiple animation stingers for Majora's Mask appearing on the internet over the last few years, but this might be the most impressive. Even if we never get a live-action Legend of Zelda film, I hope Nintendo sees work like this coming out of their fanbase and gives some serious consideration to a feature-length animated production. 

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