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Mobile Elder Scrolls Game Announced, Fallout Shelter Comes to Switch and PS4

Naomi N. Lugo

elder scrolls blades.jpg


So we're getting a new addition to the Elder Scrolls series with the long-awaited announcement that The Elder Scrolls VI will indeed exist. All we got on that front was a logo and some very pretty mountains, so who knows when we'll actually be able to play the next 300 hour+ adventure. In the meantime, Bethesda has a mobile remedy for our role-playing needs with the announcement of The Elder Scrolls: Blades.


The game features three play modes with The Abyss an endless dungeon, Arena with one-on-one combat and Main mode where story and quests will live. As far as story goes, you'll play as an exiled Blade trying to restore your hometown. Dungeons will be both hand-crafted and procedurally generated. Both two-handed landscape and single-handed portrait screen orientations are supported. 



Preorders went live after the conference concluded on June 10, with the full release slated for fall this year. Registrations for early access start this week. The Elder Scrolls: Blades is coming to mobile platforms as well as console and PC. 


In more mobile Bethesda news, E3 2018 marks Fallout Shelter's three year anniversary. To celebrate, players can build their very own shelters on PlayStation 4 and Switch as of June 10.

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