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Microsoft Unveils Plans for Xbox 360, Xbox Live, New Titles on the Way

Jack Gardner



Yusuf Mehdi took the stage for Microsoft today to announce the plans for the next three years of the Xbox 360. A new model for the Xbox 360 based on the Xbox One design is available starting today. The sleek design is smaller and will come packaged with a Kinect, though no price drop is in sight.


Mehdi also explained that Xbox Live Gold memberships will extend to Xbox One as well as 360. Two free games will be given away every month to Gold Members, starting with Assassin's Creed 2 and Halo 3. Mehdi went on to promise hundreds of new games for 360 over the next three years. He singled out three titles in particular coming to 360. Perhaps one of the biggest bombshells was that World of Tanks, a competitive PC giant with over 60 million players, is coming to 360, expanding the competitive eSports edge of the console (as well as tanks blowing each other sky-high). The CEO of Wargaming took the stage, explaining the global phenomenon of World of Tanks and that the 48 million member Xbox Live Community was a compelling reason to bring the game PC to Xbox 360. World of Tanks will remain a free-to-play title while transitioning to console for Gold subscribers (and free for seven days for Silver subscribers), though it is unknown if it will be coming to Xbox One.


Press Play, a quirky indie studio revealed its work on Max, the Curse of Brotherhood. The trailer for the game seemed to indicate a plot similar to the 80s cult film, Labyrinth. The trailer starts out with a young boy who casts a spell to make his younger brother disappear. The spell works, opening a portal between worlds and an evil creature abducts his brother and Max must journey, through platforms and hazards to retrieve him.You can view the announcement trailer below.



Dark Souls II rounded out the three Xbox 360 titles, appearing to feature updated graphics, weapons and enemies, but nothing incredibly new or revolutionary was displayed for those familiar with the franchise.


All three games discussed for Xbox 360 should be releasing later this year.

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