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Microsoft Goes Big With Three New Gears of War Games

Zak Wojnar

Gears of War 5.jpg


Microsoft is tripling down on their blockbuster Gears of War franchise with three new games with widely disparate takes on the universe of chainsaw bayonets and tough-as-nails heroes. Gears Pop!, Gears Tactics, and Gears 5.


There's no escaping the immense popularity of Funko Pop! figurines, and the first new Gears project is a mobile spin-off which replaces the tough-as-nails characters of the Gears of War universe with the adorable, big-headed trinkets. No gameplay details were offered on Gears Pop!, but it will surely be refreshing to see a bizarrely more family-friendly take on the ultra-violent world of Gears.


Gears Tactics didn't receive a proper trailer, but a brief snippet of footage was shown on stage. A turn-based strategy title, Gears Tactics can be immediately described as Gears of War meets XCOM, and it's hard to imagine anyone complaining about that. Gears Tactics will be a Windows exclusive.





Finally, the main event of the Gears segment, and arguably the entire Microsoft conference, was Gears 5. For the first time in the series, the main character is a woman, Kait Diaz, who was first introduced in Gears of War 4. As usual, the game will support two-player split-screen co-op, as well as single-player and online multiplayer. The trailer featured a welcome focus on character relationships and the mutual distrust between the Kait and her partner, suggesting this will be a more personal Gears story than ever before. If all goes according to plan, Gears 5 will feature explosive action and palpable drama in equal measure.


All three of these Gears titles are slated for 2019.

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