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Microsoft Demos Halo Infinite

Zak Wojnar


Halo Infinite Master Chief Helmet.jpeg


Microsoft kicked off their press conference with a bang, showing off a brand new Halo title from 343 Industries, Halo Infinite. Rather than a traditional story trailer or gameplay demo, the short video clip offered a "game engine demonstration," showcasing the graphical capabilities of the new SlipSpace engine. The sight of herds of animals, real-time rain, lighting, and time of day effects were impressive and could potentially indicate that the new title might be willing to explore beyond the series' traditional linear FPS action, or at least offer a significant new spin on the series.


The two-minute demo showed a wide variety of locations before ending with a provocative shot of Master Chief, holding his iconic helmet at his side... Though they stopped short of actually showing the Chief's actual face, which has been often teased in the series, but never actually revealed.



There's a lot of anticipation and mystery surrounding Halo Infinite, which Microsoft boss Phil Spencer promised would be Master Chief's "greatest adventure yet." Halo is one of Xbox's signature franchises, and it's a safe bet there are a lot of fans who are extremely excited to see the legendary series make a triumphant return.

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