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Metro Exodus Brings Bleak, Post-Apocalyptic Action To Xbox One

Marcus Stewart

Metro Exodus.jpg


Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Night are among the most acclaimed first-person shooters to emerge last generation. After several years since the last game and a current-gen remastering, a third entry in the post-apocalyptic series was unveiled today on Microsoft's stage: Metro Exodus.



A gameplay demo began with the protagonist exploring the familiar network of dingy underground tunnels. As the player explores the dank caverns, he encounters the mutated, rat-like beasts from the previous games. The monsters relentlessly pursue him until he's able to barely escape their jaws by fleeing to the surface.


After a serene yet eerie trek through a ruined village, a larger behemoth appears and suddenly charges the player. The protagonist quickly uses his crossbow to shoot an explosive arrow to stun the beast, followed by other shots to send it over the edge of a cliff. The demo concludes with the player ziplining across a large crater and hitching a ride aboard a steam train with a female companion in wait. 


Metro Exodus seems to retain the bleak mood of the previous series though I'm curious to see if the survival elements continue to play a large role. We'll find out when the game ships to Xbox One and PC (other platforms are currently unknown) sometime next year. 

Edited by Marcus Stewart

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