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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Revealed

Jack Gardner



Today, during the Kojima Productions talk at GDC, Hideo Kojima finally dropped the bomb that many had been expecting: The Phantom Pain teased during last year’s Spike Video Game Awards was really Metal Gear Solid V. What came as a bigger surprise was that another announced Metal Gear game, Ground Zeroes, was also Metal Gear Solid V.


The developer then showed off a new trailer of the upcoming stealth-action title that was an expanded mash-up of the previous two trailers for The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes, which you can view below.   



I’m not sure how much information can be pulled out of the trailer, especially when things start going crazy about halfway in, but I’ll do my best.

The game stars Big Boss as a protagonist after having been in a coma for 9 years and missing his left hand for unknown reasons. It is possible that some mission went terribly wrong involving Big Boss and Johnny “Akiba” Sasaki from MGS4, as he could be the sunglasses wearing person toward the beginning of the trailer. Someone or some organization wants him dead or out of the picture, which explains the images of soldiers storming a hospital and of Big Boss in a hospital gown.


It also seems to imply some connection with MGS3 with the reintroduction of the FOX unit and the cryptic phrase, “From ‘FOX’ Two Phantoms were Born.” One of those phantoms is clearly Big Boss, but who the other phantom might be, is somewhat unclear as most of them seem to have perished in previous games. “FOX vs. XOF” flashes on screen for a brief second, suggesting that XOF is another group, possibly created by the mysterious survivor of the FOX unit, who will serve as Big Boss’ primary antagonist.


The final scene of the trailer shows Big Boss astride a motorcycle wearing a leather jacket that says Diamond Dogs and a voiceover that says, “Do you see this? Diamond Dogs. Our new home.” Perhaps this means that Big Boss will become part of a new unit called the Diamond Dogs to fight the XOF? The last words before the trailer ends are, “V has come to,” said by a lady in a slight Russian accent. 


There are numerous strange things in the clips shown at GDC like the flaming unicorn-pegasus, the giant flying fire-whale, a stallion that gets struck by lightning, a man with a horribly burned face, and more. What does it all mean and what roles will these things play in the game? Your guess is as good as mine.




Let us know what you think in the comments!

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