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Mass Effect Developer Officially Reveals Anthem Gameplay

Joseph Knoop

anthem 3 970.jpg


Bioware joined Microsoft at their E3 presentation for the first extensive showing of their new franchise "Anthem."



Players operate as "freelancers" in a science fiction universe, living within the walls of Fort Tarsis. Freelancers are the only people brave and capable enough of leaving the fortress, donning robotic power suits with their own unique loadouts and capabilities. The demo began with a character begging the player to rescue a group of non-freelancers who took a job offer outside the walls. After donning the ranger power armor (a mid-range class with all-around effectiveness), the player is joined by a friend with a "colossus" class suit with heavy attack power.


It's unclear if Anthem is completely open world, but once outside of Fort Tarsis, the player seems to be able to move about in any direction through a lush jungle filled with wildlife both large and small. After fleeing a high level creature, the two players split up to take on a small group of scavenger enemies. The player character jets down beneath the surface of a river to breach and surprise the enemy at close range.




Anthem will definitely be attempting its own system of rewarding players with loot. After ambushing a large group of enemies and taking them out with a volley of heat-seeking mortar and missile fire, the player picks up a legendary volt rife called "Jarra's Wrath." It's certainly as nonsensical in naming its items as Destiny.


Anthem also features weather events that ostensibly change how you tackle objectives, including Shaper Storms. Before the demo concludes, the player character is able to invite at least two more friends to their squad for backup, before flying into a mysterious orb shrouded by the storm.


Destiny 2 will have at least a little while to bulk up its defense, though, since Anthem is currently scheduled for a Fall 2018 release.


What did you folks think of the demo? Does Anthem's seemingly robust gameplay tickle that shooter itch more than Destiny for you? What do you make of the jungle environment, and do you think Bioware will bring more RPG elements into the mix? Let us know in the comments.

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Still no interest in Destiny from my end...but this...WOW! This may be a poor comparison but this seems to be what I always thought Firefall was trying to be. Rather excited for this game to launch!

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