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MapleStory Sequel Won't Be About Delicious Maple Syrup

Jack Gardner



Surprising most of the world, MapleStory's recently announced sequel, MapleStory 2, won't be a deep dive into the sticky situations of the Canadian syrup industry. Many expected that the sequel to the long-running, free-to-play MMORPG would abandon its side-scrolling roots for a more serious look at the syrup allegory hidden within the maple-flavored heart of its setting. However, the sugary spirit Nexon has presented in the sequel's trailer seems to be quite different from what some were expecting. 


Instead, MapleStory 2 will focus on crafting and advancement in social prestige while bringing the series into 3D. Of course, this doesn't mean that all vestiges of the once cutting syrup exposé originally suspected by certain segments of the public will be absent. The name itself hews closely to the original, and the series retains the lighthearted and colorful nature that always spoke of the deliciousness of pancakes or french toast lavished in syrupy goodness. True, that particular style might be drawing more from Minecraft than the mechanical underbelly of the syrup industry, but it's certainly more tonally consistent with the wider whole of MapleStory 2 than what we can only imagine would have been an increasingly dark journey into the depths of corporate cover-ups and staggering quantities of embezzled syrup. 



MapleStory 2 looks adorable and fun regardless of what one might have expected prior to the announcement. Players can sign up for the beta until May 6, and the beta itself will run from May 9-16.

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