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Make iOS RPGs for Free with RPG Creator

Jack Gardner



Degica Games, the publishers of the well-known RPG Maker franchise, has released a new role-playing creation tool exclusively for iOS called RPG Creator. The app hits the iOS store for free with a premium version available for those who wish to delve deeply into game creation on mobile. Degica touts that the toolset doesn't require any programming skills to operate well and can be used to make engrossing games entirely on your mobile device.


RPG Creator seems to feature a number of useful tools, which m a fleshed out map editor for players to create villages, castles, dungeons, and more. Degica claims their game also allows for players to easily create events (which can prove to be a tricky proposition in their RPG Maker series) and will make use of an "extensive database" that allows for the customization of games.


While a main selling point for the app appears to be that it can be made without the aid of a computer, development hopefuls will be able to upload their own resources and assets to personalize the games they create with the toolset. 


Those who use the tool to develop their own games can upload and share their creations via an in-game portal, which can also be used to download and play other games. In theory, this means that those who own the app will be able to play a wide variety of games, depending on what other people create with the tools in RPG Creator. 



The app has actually been available for about two years, but until now it was only accessible in Japanese.

If you are looking to see what kinds of things can be achieved with the tools Degica has published in the past with their RPG Maker series, I'd highly recommend checking out the free game Star Stealing Prince for PC.   

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