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LoLClass Now Accepting Students

Jack Gardner




Do you play League of Legends? Have you been struggling to up your game to dangerously talented levels? LoLClass is here to provide you with live lessons with professional League of Legends players.


LoLClass has recruited some of the best and most well-known pro players in the scene to teach at their online academy. Coaches include the likes of VoyBoy, St. Vicious, and DoubleLift. Registering on the site nets free users one free class per month. Each class only has 50 seats available for free users, so there are no guarantees that users will be able to get in to the class of their choice. Members who pay at one of the pricing tiers have more access to live classes than free users, while people who pay the $49.99 platinum membership have unlimited access. There are also classes on demand which are recorded classroom sessions which can be watched  by any pricing tier, though some are locked away for premium students only.


Honestly, this is an amazing idea given how large the player-base is for League of Legends. Sure, this service isn't going to be for everyone, but highly motivated players or aspiring pro gamers would definitely be willing to pay for this kind of tutelage. If this is successful it is possible we could see similar services spring up around other professional gaming scenes as well.


If you want to check it out, head over to


What do you think, Extra Life community? Silly? Awesome? Savvy business?

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