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Listen to the Uncompressed GoldenEye 007 Soundtrack

Jack Gardner



Recently, prolific video game composer Grant Kirkhope took time out of finishing Yooka-Laylee's music to release the uncompressed soundtrack to the 1997 N64 classic GoldenEye 007. The music he released consists of seven tracks as they have never been heard before.


When creating games back in the N64 days, composers would frequently create high quality soundtracks that were then compressed, re-sampled, and looped to fit onto an already bursting CD or cartridge. That process caused a definite loss in quality and gave the tracks a more ambient feel. However, the loss wasn't necessarily something audiences could pick up on as they had nothing to compare the lower quality soundtrack to: That's just how games sounded!



The release was accompanied by an interesting piece of trivia from Kirkhope, "Something not a lot of people know is that GoldenEye 007 wasn’t always the fantastic game it turned out to be. Nintendo actually stopped wanting it for some of its development cycle. Rare didn’t tell the team and let them keep making it, confident that Nintendo would change their minds, which of course they did in the end!"


If you're interested in learning more about GoldenEye 007, be sure to check out this podcast delving into the history and discussing the merits of the game. And if you are interested in indulging your nostalgia, why not play some of the fan-made remake of GoldenEye 007's multiplayer, GoldenEye: Source?



While the tracks have been floating around on the internet for a while (the YouTube videos of the tracks are from 2010), Grant Kirkhope has officially released some of them on his personal website along with a number of other uncompressed tracks from his composing projects. 

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