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Link Rides a Majestic Motorcycle in the New Breath of the Wild Expansion

Jack Gardner



The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild received its second expansion today in the form of The Champions' Ballad.


The DLC pack comes with a wide variety of additions to the core Breath of the Wild experience. Here's what to expect if you're thinking of dropping some money on the expansion:


  • A new dungeon and additional shrines
  • The One-Hit Obliterator, a new weapon
  • The Master Cycle Zero, a snazzy motorcycle
  • A questline that has Link aiding Kass the Bard to find the final pieces of a lost song
  • Nine additional treasure chests that hold different armors and outfits
  • Horse armor


Players will have to free all of the Divine Beasts in order to unlock the Master Cycle Zero to allow Link to rip-roar his way across the wilderness. The accordion playing bird, Kass, hopes to reconstruct his master's last song, setting Link off on a quest to find the missing verses. The completed song provides new information about the history of Breath of the Wild's heroes, Revali, Mipha, Daruk, and Urbosa, as well as Princess Zelda. Like with Link's new motorcycle, Kass' quest only opens up once the Divine Beasts are freed.


The treasure chests hidden across the world add in things like the Island Lobster Shirt from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, the helmet of Zant, Ravio's hood, and Phantom Ganon's armor. These chests can also contain the ancient bridle and saddle for Link's trusty steed. In addition to looking neat, the bridle allows the horse to be spurred more times and the ancient saddle will somehow help the horse to hear the player's calls from farther away. 




The expansion is already out in the wild, so if the features appeal to you, pick it up for the Nintendo Wii U or Switch.

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