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Limited Run Games Comes to E3 with Their Own Conference

Jack Gardner


If you're one of the group of gamers who gets giddy at the thought of incredible special editions of usually digital games, chances are you've heard of Limited Run Games. The publisher has made a name for itself resurrecting old classics for a second chance at dazzling the world. This year alone, the company put out physical editions of Cosmic Star Heroine, PixelJunk Monsters 2, and even the infamous Night Trap for Nintendo Switch. Now, they're turning their attention to E3.


What exactly the company will have in store isn't exactly known at this point. They've never done an E3 press conference before, so they're a bit of a wild card. There has been some speculation that they will be announcing a series of Xbox One physical releases. Another possibility could be that they're branching out with an in-house studio to make brand new games to release under their label. A third idea I've seen floated around is that they could be announcing a partnership with another indie studio or a collective of companies to create more physical releases for games that have previously only been available digitally. 


You'll be able to tune into the livestreamed Limited Run Games E3 conference on June 11th at 3pm EDT. You will be able to find the stream on the official Limited Run Twitch channel. Keep in mind that the stream could overlap a bit with Ubisoft's press conference, so plan accordingly. 


As with every E3, we'll be keeping you up to date on all the latest news coming out of the press conferences as the unfold next week, so don't sweat it if you can't watch them all live.

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