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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Announced

Joseph Knoop

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If that word evokes a distinct sense of bemusement and nostalgia, have we got good news for you. Microsoft announced a prequel series to Dontnod's award-winning episodic adventure game Life Is Strange titled Life Is Strange: Before the Storm.




The prequel series will be three episodes long and feature a younger version of Chloe, the blue-haired attitude machine known for getting into trouble and saying expletives that no human would ever utter. It's unclear if the game will feature original protagonist Max Caulfield, as the two were evidently separated when Max's parents moved years before. However, the game will evidently feature Rachel Amber, the best friend of Chloe's who met an unfortunate end before the events of Life Is Strange.


Life Is Strange: Before the Storm's first episode is scheduled to release on August 31.

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I was worried about this at first. But it's not a sequel, which would have screwed up the ending of the first one. It doesn't have time travel, which would have made the first one not make sense. It's an interesting story that forces you to live with the consequences of horrible decisions.


The only draw back is we know what happens to the characters and how they end up, so it will be hard to surprise me. 


Still, I'm super excited for this. Life is Strange is still one of my top five games of all time.

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