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Let It Die Mashes Dark Souls and Irreverent Cyberpunk Together (and Is Free)

Jack Gardner



What do you get when you lock the creator of Killer7 and No More Heroes in a room with a copy of Dark Souls and hallucinogenic mushrooms? Probably something that very much resembles Let It Die, a third-person action game about trying to reach the top of a tower with the help of Uncle Death, a grim reaper who rides a rocket skateboard. The quirky title appeared for free on the PlayStation a couple days ago and it's all kinds of strange.


Players begin Let It Die with nothing but some snazzy underwear and the goal of fighting their way to the top of The Tower of Barbs. To do that, players must collect everything that isn't nailed down as they fight through crazy enemies and bosses, because those things might just help to not die. However, most players will die. A lot. Go in with that expectation because the game creators have put together a beginner's guide for those who find the game too frustrating. Fittingly, dying represents one of the main hooks of Let It Die. Every time a player succumbs to the dangers of the tower, their "death data" uploads to every other player's game and becomes an enemy in the tower for everyone playing. 



The free-to-play model of Let It Die focuses on death, too. When players die they can either start from zero experience with an entirely new character or fork over some cash to continue with their old character from where they died. this will probably prove to be a turn-off to many, but the core gameplay encourages players to embrace the loss and press on, much like Dark Souls. 


Let It Die is available now on PlayStation 4 and has Remote Play, so it can also be played on the PlayStation Vita.


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