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Leap Around in Space with Giant Robots in Upcoming PS VR Title Star Child

Jack Gardner



There's a lot of weird, experimental things happening in VR these days *cough* VRChat *cough*. One game on the horizon seems like it might be attempting to find more conventional success - with a bit of a twist. 


Playful Corp has been hard at work on Star Child, a game exclusive to PlayStation VR, following the release of Super Lucky's Tale for Xbox One and PC. Star Child offers up a narrative focused platformer with a cinematic edge. It follows a woman named Spectra on a mission of utmost importance that crashes her on a hostile planet, uncovering a threat to the entire universe. 

Interestingly enough for a game dedicated to VR, Star Child isn't a first-person game. Instead, it embraces the perspective offered by side-scrolling platformers. How exactly that will translate into a unique virtual reality experience remains to be seen, but Playful Corp has teased that their use of virtual reality will shine a new light on the familiar genre and interact with Spectra's evolving abilities in novel ways.  


Paul Bettner, the CEO and founder of Playful Corp, explained in a recent blog post how the developer has approached their project: 


With Star Child, we were drawn to the elegant simplicity of the side-scrolling platformer genre, which can convey an incredible amount of narrative through non-traditional means. There’s a subtle power to telling a story through continuously changing environments and cinematic visuals, as well as character animations, especially the way players can move Spectra forward and learn to master their surroundings through gameplay. Enhanced by the magic of virtual reality, these elements take on a new dimension as Spectra’s powers grow and she pushes deeper into a strange, immersive world full of dark secrets. Inspired by countless science fiction adventure classics across games, books and movies, Star Child is at its heart both a mystery and journey of self-discovery.



Star Child launches some time this year for the PlayStation 4's VR setup.

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