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Latest Minecraft Update Adds Llamas and Haunted Mansions

Jack Gardner



Minecraft just received its eleventh update today. Dubbed 'The Exploration Update,' the world of Minecraft now has a host of new things to do and explore for those either currently or formerly enthralled to the world's foremost infinite block-world builder. The Minecraft community has been clamoring for more... well, everything, for quite some time now. Version 1.11 aims to deliver in a number of ways.


First and foremost, Minecraft now has llamas. These alpacas can be ridden and carry supplies by equipping them with a carpet and chest, respectively. They can be leashed to create caravans that follow the play through the world. The ability to caravan a number of storage inventories together will surely be very handy for players on extended expeditions or  working on large building projects. 


Another big addition to 1.11, woodland mansions now have a chance of spawning within the Roofed Forest biome. These large, foreboding structures hold two new enemy types intended to be end-game challenges for players. They hold many different traps and challenges for players to overcome and those who manage to prevail over the hostile home will face new adversaries - the Illagers.


These tricky and dangerous Illagers come in two varieties. First, the vindicator mob wields an iron axe and attacks villagers and players on sight, acting as brute muscle to defend the mansion from intruders. They have a slight chance of dropping an emerald when slain. The second type, evokers, are much more dangerous. Mojang views them as something of a mini-boss in the world of Minecraft and has given the evokers otherworldly powers. Evokers can summon ghostly creatures known as vex to provide a distraction while they attack with snapping jaws they can summon from the ground. Vex are summoned in packs of two to four, can fly, and are capable of passing through any block without any resistance. Players who manage to slay an evoker are rewarded with a Totem of Undying - an item that, when held in hand, can resurrect a player instantly at the moment of their death.



Mojang has also added the Shulker Box, a chest made with the shell of a shulker mob. This special chest retains its inventory when broken down, rendering a wide variety of inventory highly portable. These can only be made with materials gathered from the End, which now holds return portals to transport the player back to the main End portal.


Another welcome addition to Minecraft: Cartographers! A new type of NPC, cartographers can be traded with to provide maps to various locations in the game world. Want to start a quest for a woodland mansion, ocean temple, or other interesting world location? The cartographer might just be able to point you in the right direction with a treasure map. 


Overall, The Exploration update seems to be a really solid expansion of Minecraft in all the ways players want. Head out there and get crafting!

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