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Last Dark Souls 3 DLC Trailer Leaves Players Scrambling for Answers

Jack Gardner



The final piece of Dark Souls 3 DLC has been given a tantalizing trailer that teases the last bastion of the Age of Fire. The DLC has been dubbed The Ringed City, referring to a legendary stronghold at the end of all things that stands firm against a world smashing and melding in with itself.  


According to From Software, The Ringed City DLC will be the final Dark Souls related project before the series concludes, possibly for good. 



Details in the Ringed City are sure to seem enticing to veteran players. Direct parallels are drawn between the Dark Sign, an emblem central to the Dark Souls Series, and the Ringed City itself. Combined with recurring symbols noticed by a number of Dark Souls sleuths, some people wondering if the city might have something to do with Londor, an elusive land that has never been shown in Dark Souls before.

Players will have to traverse an area known as the Dreg Heap, flotsam of cities from across time and space that have smashed into one another and become a dangerous, precarious wasteland of rubble. Beyond the Dreg Heap lies the end of the world where the Ringed City stands alone. The city may have even fallen to the forces of the Abyss, a corrupting force in the Dark Souls universe. 


Interestingly, some of the promotional material for the DLC refers to the Ringed City as "a traditional city for the Pygmies." Pygmies have never been mentioned in the Dark Souls series outside of the first game's introductory cutscene which describes one of the ancient Lords as the Furtive Pygmy. This overlooked character took the titular Dark Soul for itself and its legacy traveled down through the ages to the Sable Church of Londor. It would be fitting if the last piece of Dark Souls' story tied in with the most mysterious Lord of the Dark Soul.

Also, the DLC looks like it will be including a bunch of new weapons capable of transforming, one of which kind of looks like a lightsaber. A greater winged demon appears to be one of the prominent boss encounters with some hints that it might be the very last of the great demons. Players should also expect to run into another angry giant in the DLC, possibly the last of its kind as well. 


Dark Souls III: The Ringed City releases on March 28 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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