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King of Fighters XIV Receives a Big Patch and Four New DLC Characters

Jack Gardner



SNK Playmore has announced that King of Fighters XIV have four new characters beginning today following the release of version 3.0. The additions of both new and fan favorite characters bring the full roster of fighters up to 58. Each of the newcomers have their own intro trailer, too!


Fan favorite and classic King of Fighters character Blue Mary makes her debut. With her freelance special forces set of skills, she fights using a variety of styles from around the world as well as Sambo, her preferred grapple-heavy fighting form.



Oswald represents decorum above all else. An elderly gentleman, Oswald might not look like much, but the man can slice through almost any defense using his signature playing cards. Exactly how he gets those cards so sharp is anyone's guess, but he looks undeniably cool in action.



Perhaps the least interesting designs of the four released, Heidern serves as the leader of The Mercenary Corps. He can channel energy into his fists and has been known to throw a few incredibly flexible kicks. Also, he has an eye patch, so he at least has something cool going for him.



Finally, we come to Najd. Easily the most interesting character announced by SNK, Najd is essentially a vigilante from Saudi Arabia who wears an abaya, a traditional robe-like Saudi dress, that gives her special powers. During the day, Najd goes to college, but at night she's the bane of baddies everywhere. 



Each DLC fighter costs $5.99 separately or can be bought in a bundle for $19.99. 


On top of those four characters, the free 3.0 update adds Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, as a playable stage. The update also brings a number of balancing changes that veterans will have to adjust to - so this might be one of the best times for newbies to join in. 


The King of Fighters XIV is available on PlayStation 4 and PC. 

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