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Kickstarter for Bloodborne Tabletop Game Raises Over $1.6 Million

Jack Gardner

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The crowdfunding for Bloodborne's tabletop board game adaptation is in full swing over on Kickstarter with the total nearing $1.7 million with weeks to go until the campaign wraps up. you might be thinking to yourself, "But wait! Wasn't there already a Bloodborne tabletop game?" And you would be correct! In a way. Eric M. Lang designed the Bloodborne card game that released in 2016 bringing the popular action-RPG of the same name to the table for the first time. Now, Eric M. Lang has returned along with veteran designer Michale Shinall to fully realize the potential of a Bloodborne tabletop experience. 


Bloodborne is a 2015 action-RPG from Dark Souls developer FromSoftware. It released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and featured the return of Dark Souls' director Hidetaka Miyazaki. The game follows the adventures of a foreigner who comes to the city of Yharnam in search of the legendary healing offered by the church and its blood. Soon, the player is wrapped up in an eldritch conspiracy constructed by powers and beings far beyond mortal comprehension. On top of the core campaign, players could discover chalices that brought them into a sprawling dungeon beneath the city that goes deep down into the earth, snaking toward an ancient being at the heart of the strange corruption that has seeped into the land. 


That brings us to the Kickstarter from CMON, a company that has a growing relationship with Sony that allowed them to make the 2016 Bloodborne card game, the Bloodborne board game, and God of War: The Card Game. The latest crowdfunding effort offers an amazing array of miniatures and a beautiful collection of board pieces. As a draw for the game, those who back the Kickstarter get access to a large number of exclusive figures that represent players, items, enemies, and bosses. 


If you think that Bloodborne: The Board Game is releasing without lore or a story, you would be dead wrong. In fact, it has four different stories that come in the form of campaigns. Each campaign takes place over the course of three chapters that each drastically change the way enemies appear and behave along with new content. Each chapter features a number of decisions players need to make in order to proceed and those choices create a branching narrative with possible consequences farther along in the campaign. Each of these campaigns take place in familiar settings like Yharnam's Cathedral Ward or the Tomb of Oedeon, each created in a way you've never seen before. 


Instead of relying on the luck of dice, Bloodborne: The Board Game makes use of cards. Players choose from a selection of trick weapons that determine their basic abilities before beginning their adventure. While slaying monsters, players can procure a number of permanent items, upgrade cards, and consumables. How players use those upgrades and items on top of their weapons will determine if they are able to survive the long hunt. Those enemies that stand in the way of survival fill out a roster of over twenty unique enemy types armed with almost thirty AI cards. You can look over the work-in-progress rule book to get a more in-depth idea of what the final game will play like.  



The Kickstarter campaign initially asked for $200,000 to get the basic version of the game released. However, with over 8x more than their goal raised, the campaign has rolled out a crazy amount of extras. By far the most important unlocked at $230,000: Chalice Dungeon Rules. Players will be able to augment their games with a series of special rules and Chalice Dungeon tiles. Twelve additional tiles and forty-five additional miniatures have been unlocked so far. At the moment, the campaign appears to be on track to hit $1.75 million and unlock another four miniatures. If the project receieves even more backing, which seems incredibly likely, even more will be added to the game package. If you are a fan of multiple backing tiers, you might be disappointed by this campaign. There's only one backing tier left at $100 for the base game and all the Kickstarter exclusive figures.


Bloodborne: The Board Game, thankfully, comes with a clear release window. Backers can expect the big box tabletop to release in May of 2020. One thing backers should be aware of, however, is shipping. The backing pledge does not include shipping, so in order to actually receive the board game, backers will need to pay for shipping after the Kickstarter ends. This will all be handled through a service called Pledge Manager launching shortly after the end of the Kickstarter.


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