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Kholat Scheduled for April Release

Jack Gardner



IMGN.PRO has announced that exploration-horror title Kholat will be available on April 24 of this year. Today is the 56th anniversary of the mysterious events upon which Kholat is based, and IMGN.PRO has released an animated video retelling the puzzling story.


Kholat is based on the true events of the Dyatlov Pass Incident in which nine Russian students died under inexplicable circumstances while attempting to reach Otorten, a prime skiing location. When the location of their final campsite was found, investigators noted that their tent had been cut open from the inside and that they had all fled on barefoot into subzero temperatures, leaving all of their supplies behind, as if in terror. As the bodies were slowly recovered over the next months, coroners noted that several of the hikers had died or been injured prior to their deaths by a strange kinetic force not left by human or animal as there was no soft tissue damage. It was also noted that several of the bodies were irradiated with no discernible cause. 



IMGN.PRO has decided to offer up their own interpretation of these chilling events in Kholat. The game follows members of the expedition as they become involved in something much more sinister than a simple skiing trip. Kholat is narrated by Boromir, perhaps better known as actor Sean Bean. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, even the pre-alpha gameplay looks beautiful.



 Kholat will be released on April 24 for PC and Mac.

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