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Jak and Daxter Series Comes to PS4 in Re-Remastered Form

Jack Gardner



The Jak and Daxter Collection released back in 2012. That collection remastered Naughty Dog's original PlayStation 2 trilogy in 720p and 60fps for the PlayStation 3. Now, fans of the action-adventure duo will be able to play Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, Jak 3, and, as a new addition, Jak X: Combat Racing once again on the PlayStation 4.Instead of releasing as a physical or digital collection, gamers can now purchase each game individually via PSN.


The series comes with a number of upgrades over previous releases. Each PS2 title will support 1080p upscaling at 60fps with trophy support. Jax X will have a new splitscreen mode, but support none of the online features. Shareplay and Remote Play will also be available.


For those who haven't purchased the PS3 collection, the option to snag Jak and Daxter on PS4 is a pretty good deal. For those who already have the PS3 collection, the ability to grab just Jak X: Combat Racing eliminates needlessly having duplicates of games.



No concrete release date has been revealed, though the updated PS2 classics are expected to release later this year. 

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