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IndieCade 2013 Honors Indie Developers

Jack Gardner



If you are a fan of independent games, last weekend's IndieCade Festival was the event for you.


Billing itself as the International Festival of Independent Games, the 2013 IndieCade Festival was held from Saturday, October 5 to Sunday, October 6 in Culver City, California. Every year the festival acknowledges the achievements of independent developers and serves as a gathering of independent talent for discussions of interests to indies. This year, in addition to the 36 games that have made it into the final rounds of judging, IndieCade selected 77 other titles to showcase at their event. Those selected include eight PlayStation 4 titles, a number of VR projects on the Oculus Rift, a handful of Ouya games, and a showing from Nintendo. All titles at the event should be playable.


In addition to the games, a few notable events will be occurring throughout the weekend. There will be a small eSports tournament/exhibition of a variety of titles such as the minimalist DiveKick and Pulse of the Samurai. Speeches will be given from respected indie developers like Jenova Chen, creator of Journey. Finally, public discussions will be held between developers and industry honchos regarding the games on display and past games those involved have helped create.


Did you make it to IndieCade? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments.

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