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Ice-Pick Lodge Begins Teasing New Pathologic

Jack Gardner



Yesterday, the developers at Ice-Pick Lodge posted a small vignette to YouTube, teasing a location from their upcoming reimagining of their classic PC game, Pathologic. This first teaser panned around a cathedral in the middle of a misty city while a murder of crows caw, circling above it. The building oozes a creepiness very much in line with the spirit of the original 2005 PC title, though Ice-Pick Lodge has stressed that its new Pathologic should not be viewed as a remake or sequel.



The Russian developer uploaded another vignette to their channel today. The video, which shows an incredibly short glimpse of a location called "The Workshop," lasts only a handful of seconds. It zooms in through a building, presumably the titular workshop, and through a window into a shadowed forested area. 



The two vignettes don't reveal a whole lot, but it is interesting to final be seeing what Ice-Pick Lodge has in store two years after Kickstarting their spiritual successor to Pathologic. For those who never had an opportunity to play the 2005 release, Ice-Pick Lodge recently revamped the title in HD while ironing out some old bugs. The core concept is that the player controls one of several different characters chosen at the beginning and must find a way to stop a mysterious, deadly plague from consuming an isolated, rural town. Pathologic reacted to player choice and decisions in interesting, sometimes unpredictable ways and had some of the most interesting game design at the time. It also had a decidedly unnerving, horror element that still holds up to this day.



Ice-Pick Lodge is taking that same central premise of plague and reactive game design and cranking it up to 11 for their upcoming release of the new Pathologic. It will definitely be interesting to see where their vision takes them. 

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