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Harmonix Party Game Super Beat Friends Released on Switch

Jack Gardner



The creators of Rock Band have a new game available today called Super Beat Friends that has just released on the Nintendo Switch. The party game features a cartoonish collection of sports mini-games that weave frantic multiplayer action with some boppin' music. The relentlessly positive title offers engrossing co-op and competitive modes in a package that's designed to appeal to all ages.


Games included in Super Beat Sports include:


  • Rhythm Racket - Protect your own goal while gunning for your friends' in a more musical take on a classic game set up.
  • Whacky Bat - Players must hit back pitches using bats while timing their swings along with the music to build combos and earn points.
  • Net Ball - Similar to volleyball but played with hockey sticks, 1-2 players try to keep the volley over the net going for as long as possible against alien opponents.
  • Buddy Ball - Bash balls with 1-4 buddies!
  • Gobble Golf - The goal here is to feed aliens by grooving along with the music either solo or with a friend. 


Super Beat Friends supports HD Rumble in the Switch's Joy-Cons, which leads to Harmonix claiming that "each swing feels unique" throughout the game's 100+ levels. Also, Super Beat Friends maintains 60 frames per second across all of the Switch's modes of play.  



Super Beat Friends is available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop - maybe a good game to pull out on Game Day?


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