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Good Old Games Big Fall Sale Is Upon Us

Jack Gardner


Over 350 games are on sale as of right now over on the Good Old Games website along with a number of bundles and time sensitive deals. New games will go on sale every 12 hours, while new bundles will become available every 24 hours. Some of the high profile deals at the moment are The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (-30%) and its Hearts of Stone expansion (-10%), Pillars of Eternity (-50%), Age of Wonders 3 (-75%), Legend of Grimrock 2 (-75%). As for bundles, you can pick up the massive 36-game Interplay Ultimate Collection bundle (-90%), The Elder Scrolls Classics bundle (-66%), Fallout Originals (-66%), and the ability to build your own Daedalic bundle (up to -85%).

Not only that, but is offering three games as rewards for people who make purchases during the sale. Those who spend $5 will receive a free copy of System Shock 2. For $15, customers are given a copy of The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. People who spend $30 or more obtain a copy of Banished. 

The Big Fall Sale goes from today through November 15. This could be a good opportunity to pick up a last minute game or two for Game Day on Saturday.


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