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GoldenEye: Source Receives Major Update

Jack Gardner



Six years ago, a team of modders used the 2007 Source Engine to create and release a remake of the multiplayer from the N64's GoldenEye: 007. The team wasn't content with merely releasing their free mod to the world and have been actively working on updates for the last several years. GoldenEye: Source remade the entire classic multiplayer of the original in glorious HD. The most recent update brings the number of maps up to 25 with 10 game modes and all 28 weapons from the N64. 


The mod does not include a single player mode and the team has no plans to ever create one. "We do not have the resources or sufficient number of developers to create it," states the official website



GoldenEye: Source originated as a project back in 2005 under Nicholas "Nickster" Bishop. At the age of 27, Bishop passed away from an apparent suicide in 2006. Work on the mod continued in memory of him. The mod released in 2010 and has since had numerous updates, through the release of version 4.2 in 2013.


For a long time, the team was inactive, believing their work on the mod to be done. The team reconvened to fix what they initially believed to be a minor series of patches. That initial goal escalated into GoldenEye: Source 5.0, a massive overhaul of the mod with a flurry of new content. Entropy-Soldier, the current managing director of the project and its lead programmer, released a statement alongside its launch:


When we first started work on GE:S again, I was aiming for a quick content patch to fix some long standing issues and stir up some interest in the game again. Somewhere along the way to that objective, however, I realized that there was no way this team was going to settle for anything less than the biggest release this project has seen, and I knew we could get there. After tens of thousands of man hours and many unforeseen hurdles to overcome, we did it. GE:S 5.0 is here and I could not be prouder of all the people who came together and put aside their differences to make it happen.


There is more work to be done, and will no doubt be more unseen hurdles, but with GE:S 5.0 I am confident we’re starting things on the right foot. We look forward to finally playing with the community and getting their thoughts on all of our hard work.


With all of that out of the way, I’m proud to start the release of GE:S 5.0 with the same phrase I would start each of our tests with:

This is good, kill each other.




Honestly, if you ever went back to GoldenEye: 007 and lamented that the controls were awful (which they are, we just remember them being much better), GoldenEye: Source saddles the multiplayer with smooth and familiar PC FPS controls, which vastly improve a modern experience. The remake for GoldenEye on Wii was atrocious, so Source really is the best bet for those looking to scratch their nostalgia itch for the N64 FPS. Plus, it is totally free.

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