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Gears 5 & Gears Pop Reemerge with Release Date and New Modes

Marcus Stewart

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Last E3 Microsoft unveiled multiple Gears of War projects in Gears 5, the cutesy Gears Pop, and the strategy focused Gears Tactics. Two of those titles made an appearance with Gears 5 headlining thanks to the addition of several new modes.


Gears 5’s campaign will of course be the centerpiece. The story places Gears 4 teammate Kait Diaz in the starring role as she fights to uncover her connection to the Locust horde. At the same time, Kait and her friends must stop the invading Swarm from taking over the human settlements. For the first time players can enjoy the story in 3-player splitscreen co-op. The campaign will be playable as part of an early access launch on September 6 .


Other new modes such as Escape compliment the story. This 3-player co-op mode task players with infiltrating enemy hives, planting a bomb, and escaping before it detonates. However, they’ll have to fight through waves of enemy opposition to make it out in time. The Map Builder mode lets players create custom maps for Escape that can be shared with other players. 




Versus mode contains the competitive-focused Arcade. Not much is known about this mode other than that it’ll feature “frenetic” drop-in, drop-out play. However, The Coalition plans to launch a multiplayer tech test in July that will give players a chance to take Arcade for a test drive. Last but not least, Horde mode returns. While details are sparse, the fan-favorite mode will be playable at this year’s Gamescom. 


Those who either pre-order Gears 5 or are Xbox Game Pass members who play it before September 16 will receive the Terminator: Dark Fate character pack. The Jack Drone Collector’s Edition bundles an actual functional Jack Drone, in-game Jack skin, a collector’s booklet, and more for $269.99.


Gears 5 launches September 10 for Xbox One and Windows. Like all first-party titles, it will premier on Game Pass upon release. 




Gears Pop got a bit of love as well. The arena style PvP focused game emphasizes bite-sized battle. Varied teams of Pop Doll-style Gears characters fight to make it to the opposite end of the field and take down the opponent’s leader. Like standard Gears, units can take cover behind barriers to avoid damage while pushing forward. Gears Pop is currently in a limited soft launch but will arrive in full to iOS and Android later this year. 


What do you think about Gears 5’s new features? Does Gears Pop pique your interest? Share your thoughts in the comments! 


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