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Futurama-Inspired 4X RPG The Spatials Launches Today

Jack Gardner



The Spatials, the first game set in the 58th century, sets out to be one of the wackiest tycoon-RPG-4X hybrids that you'll ever encounter. Explore randomly generated galaxies and loot entire worlds to construct the most popular space station in the universe. 



The co-founder of developer Weird and Wry, Carlos Carrasco, expressed his excitement:  

Creating a game like The Spatials has always been a dream of ours. There are so many different elements at work here: base-building, combat with landing parties, a working economy, a complex loot system, and space exploration -- all running in real time. Once players sit down with the game, they’ll immediately notice that we not only made all systems work well together, but we also delivered a really offbeat, fun tycoon game. Player feedback has been incredibly positive, and we can barely contain our excitement for the launch!

The Spatials will retail at $12.99, but from now until April 7 a discount will knock that down to $9.74. Check it out if you're a fan of the classic tycoon games or love comedic twists on classic sci-fi tropes. 


The Spatials is now available on PC and Mac.

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