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Free, Unofficial Mega Man DOS Remake Reimagines the Mega Man PC Games

Jack Gardner



After two years of hard work, a group of dedicated Mega Man fans have created a remake of the the two 90s Mega Man titles for PC under the title of Mega Man DOS Remake. The confusingly named DOS games Mega Man and Mega Man III (there was no Mega Man II for DOS) hold the highly odious status of being the worst Mega Man games ever created. Many people don't even know that they exist, and Capcom is probably happy with that state of affairs.  



Why remake games that are so universally despised? The team explains on their download page, "The few who received a floppy disk instead of a cartridge for Christmas many years ago were greeted with unfair levels, plain bosses, and silent gameplay! Be it from lack of care, or maybe lack of ability[, these] games were bad, but every game can have a second chance right?" 


Mega Man DOS Remake has been totally revamped in the name of giving the forgotten horrors of the originals new life and another attempt at greatness. The two PC games are now one in the remake and have been redone in the classic NES style and now actually feature music during the levels, something the originals painfully lacked. There are nine robot masters to conquer and the level design shifts depending on what order players defeat the bosses. For players who find the remake too easy, Mega Man DOS Remake comes with a level editor that players can use to create their own stages, complete with a boss AI planner to get the most out of fan-created boss battles. It also includes time-attack and challenge modes. 



If this seems interesting, check out Mega Man DOS Remake for free over on its Steam Workshop page. It's still a work in progress, so be aware that you might encounter glitches. If you do, the development team asks that you notify them so they can fix the problem in the future.

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