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Free-To-Play Shooter Warface Hits Browsers

Jack Gardner



Crytek's newest FPS is free, runs on CryEngine 3, plays in your internet browser, and now has a spiffy launch trailer. If you thought that you would never be able to play a game in your internet browser that didn't have top of the line graphics, you were wrong. Warface entered its open Beta today and is welcoming players with open arms.


Crytek's latest game focuses on Versus and Co-op modes. In Versus, players can choose between classics like Team Death Match, Free-for-All, and Plant the Bomb, as well as variations on capture/hold the point-style games in Storm and Destruction. There is a sixth Versus mode called Tactics that calls for the use of, unsurprisingly, tactics. The Co-op modes pit players with up to five friends against the AI in challenges that change daily and rewards players who work well together. Both Versus and Co-op give players the option to choose between the Rifleman, Sniper, Medic, and Engineer classes.



To create an account and play Warface, you'll need to create a gface account. After confirming your email address and installing a plug-in, you should be able to restart your browser and begin playing Crytek's Free-to-Play experiment.

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