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Form a Love Circle in Kirby for Nintendo Switch

Joseph Knoop



Kirby, everyone’s favorite pink ball of power, is comin’ right back at ya on the Nintendo Switch, according to a new teaser trailer from the latest Nintendo Direct.
The latest Kirby game looks to be a mix-up of traditional 2D/3D platforming, complete with Kirby’s usual powers of mass consumption and conversion. The big twist this time around looks to be a multiplayer component of some sort, with Kirby chucking hearts at enemies that then become allies of his. The character bars at the bottom of the screen read “CP” for “computer,” indicating that these characters will be able to be controlled by actual players during the game.


Characters can combine abilities too, like striking Kirby’s sword form with a fire attack, turning Kirby’s weapon into a blazing tool of destruction. All four players can combine to create a rolling wheel that flattens enemies underneath.
A brief clip in the trailer also showed off what looks like a Super Mario-style overworld, with Kirby moving from level to level along a path. And of course, what would a Kirby game be without an appearance from your boy Whispy Woods.
Kirby for the Nintendo Switch (no official title yet, it seems) is slated for a 2018 release. What crazy powers do you think HAL Laboratories has whipped up this time?

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