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Following 1.10 Update, Minecraft Player Creates Functional Game Boy Advance

Jack Gardner



You know that time you felt really accomplished in Minecraft because you managed to make a really big hole or a castle to the sky? I know I was proud of the time I hollowed out a mountain and did my best to create a mini Mines of Moria. Mere mortals can only dream of what YouTuber Reqaug did a mere three weeks after the 1.10 Minecraft update.


Reqaug wanted to test the limits of a new block type called the "structure block." These pieces of magic allow players to save entire sections of a given structure. This allowed Reqaug to refresh the Game Boy Advance screen quickly enough to support actual gameplay. And what better game to translate into the digital world of Minecraft than Pokémon FireRed? To be perfectly clear, Reqaug made a functional GBA with a level editor and a basically functional version of Pokémon FireRed running within Minecraft. That is insane. 



Obviously, the Minecraft Pokémon FireRed is still incomplete, lacking battles and dialogue, but further functions will be coming in future updates as development continues. Those are things that are possible with this GBA construction. 


You can download the GBA map for yourself over on the mod database Planet Minecraft:


The future is an insane, scary, wonderful place.

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