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Firefly MMO Still Flying, Releases Gameplay Trailer

Jack Gardner



Since 2006, there have been reports that a Firefly MMO was in the works based on the much beloved Joss Whedon show. The prospect of Firefly, one of the best television shows to have ever graced the airwaves, being turned into a living game universe left many salivating at the possibilities. However, that was eight years ago and many assumed that the project died out or would simply never be finished. This was practically confirmed in 2012 when Ten Ton Hammer discovered that Firefly Online's developer, Multiverse, had ceased all operations. That same year, it was reported that some of the programmers had obtained the source code from Multiverse and were continuing work on the game. After two years of relative silence, the team working on the Firefly Online released a gameplay trailer yesterday.



Players take on the role of a ship captain in the universe of Firefly and are tasked with three prime objectives: find a crew, find a job, and keep flying. While the game doesn't follow the story of the show, it is possible to run into familiar faces. The entire crew from Firefly will be lending their voices and likenesses to the game. 


Firefly Online is currently in development for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android and will be finished "soon."


Personally, I feel compelled to try this game out because any game in development for eight years is sure to have some interesting quirks, especially when it is based on a pre-existing property like Firefly (which came out in 2002, GEEZ I FEEL OLD). What do you all think? Will you be checking out Firefly Online? Or is this too little, too late? 

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