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Final Fantasy XV Trailer Debuts at TGS, Features Entirely In-Game Footage

Jack Gardner



I have lost a lot of my enthusiasm for Final Fantasy in recent years, but then a certain trailer for Final Fantasy XV came and rekindled a spark of hope. It looks amazing.


Though no release date has been officially announced for Final Fantasy XV, a demo will be packaged with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD when it releases next year.



Besides awesome monster designs, gorgeous artistic design, and Final Fantasy guys with JRPG hair, what did we just see? If you look at the gameplay segments in the teaser, it looks like Final Fantasy XV might be attempting an open world action RPG. There is a segment where the camera pans around the car our presumably main characters are driving and it appears like both the camera and car might be under player control.


We are shown multiple times in the teaser some sort of traversal mechanic involving a combination of sword-throwing and teleportation. We see combat that appears completely free from turn-based mechanics. Assuming that Final Fantasy XV remains a single-player experience, we also see AI that appears to react organically to various situations, like the near death of a party member or generally being useful in combat.


Today is a good day to love RPGs. 

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