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Final Fantasy XV Anime Miniseries and CG Film to Release Before Game

Jack Gardner



At the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event held last night, Square Enix revealed that there would be a five episode animated miniseries to show how the friendships formed between the cast of characters depicted hanging out together in the trailers. The series, titled Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, will release periodically from now until the launch of the game on September 30. All episodes will be free and available on the Final Fatnasy XV YouTube channel. The first episode has even been released already! Give it a watch if anime is your thing. Each episode is expected to be around 12 minutes long. 



Also revealed was the feature-length CG film Square Enix has dubbed Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. The story appears to set the stage for the return of protagonist Noctis to his rightful throne. While Noctis has been away, his homeland appears to have fallen into turmoil and only a select few seem capable of holding it together until the hair to the throne returns. 


A considerable amount of star power appears to be behind the film, too. Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings) will be playing the role of King Regis, Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) graces the CG screen as Luna, and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) assumes the part of Nyx, a member of the titular Kingsglaive, an elite group of soldiers tasked with defending the king.

Square Enix has always been more miss than hit with its CG films, but perhaps Kingsglaive can change that and erase the sins of Spirits Within. Kingsglaive will not be shown in theaters, but it will be available for download and streaming at some point before the September 30 launch of Final Fantasy XV.  



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