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Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft Twitter Fight Over One Gamer

Jack Gardner



Video game Twitter can be a strange place. Twitch streamer S1N3N started it all two days ago when he asked the social media accounts for Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft which game he should purchase. S1N3N streams to a fanbase of about 630 people and can be found streaming games during the late night hours. 



Fairly innocuous tweet, right? Little did S1N3N know the cosmic forces he had just prodded to life. Sometimes when you shout into the void of cyberspace, cyberspace shouts back at you. You see, someone on the World of Warcraft account heard S1N3N's plea for help and offered the fairly obvious answer that in WOW some players can shoot lasers from their eyes.



However, WOW made a classic Twitter blunder: Never retain the @ of your mortal enemy. World of Warcraft's tweet roused the interest of Final Fantasy XIV's social media. They saw laser eyes and immediately went for the one-up.




Of course, building-sized meteors of death only made World of Warcraft cackle with malignant malice as they released AN EVEN BIGGER METEOR! 



However, Final Fantasy was having none of it. They granted that the meteor was indeed larger, but then referred WoW to their moon, which imprisoned the elder primal dragon known as Bahamut, and proceeded to lay some smack talk on Warcraft's mascot dragon Deathwing. 



Of course, World of Warcraft was loath to be outdone. They threw down the gauntlet of ruin, revealing how much destruction and power was housed in their universe. Moons and meteors? What about entire planets obliterated?



As of right now, this is the final tweet in the WoW vs. Final Fantasy Twitter war, but something tells me this might not be the last shot fired....


Oh, and Overwatch kicked back to relax and enjoy the spectacle along with the rest of us. 



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