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Figure Out Which Monster to Take to Prom in Upcoming Multiplayer Dating Sim

Jack Gardner



Monster Prom is coming up, and it's time to convene your friends to decide which inhuman creatures will be your dates! On April 27, players will be thrust into the world of Monster Prom where twisted monsters attend high school and vie for social dominance.


Players will have to choose a love interest to pursue with prom on the horizon. With the option of multiplayer, friends might have to compete against one another to woo the monster of their dreams. Each player chooses a monster persona and then one of six love interests. A world of scintillating, dangerous, and gorgeously drawn monsters (art by web comic artist Arthur Tien) awaits those brave enough to risk friendship in a battle for the digital love of their lives.




The wacky dating sim has been written by Cory O'Brien (author of Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes and George Washington Is Cash Money), Maggie Herskowitz (actress and prolific writer of musicals, stage plays and films such as Loch Lomond, Fitzwilliam Loves Lizzie, and The Un-Eff-Able Sam Bistritzky), and creative director Julián Quijano. Players will be able to uncover secret endings and scenarios in the twisting, ridiculous adventure crafted by Beautiful Glitch. 


Monster Prom has come a long way from its humble Kickstarter origins when it managed to raise €32,000, over four times its initial goal. It will be really interesting to see how well it can deliver on its humorous premise. The developer touts its structure supporting hundreds of events with four outcomes for each event and all of those outcomes creating thousands of diverse scenarios. 



Make way for monsters when Monster Prom releases on April 27 for PC and Mac. 

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