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Expeditions: Viking Sets Sail for April Release

Jack Gardner



Logic Artists' Expeditions: Viking finally has a release date. Announced early last year and expected to release before the end of 2016, Logic Artists pushed their tale of warring Viking clans back into 2017. The delay added almost 50% more content to the game, but also prolonged the time the game would need to spend in localization. The additional time also allowed the team to finely tune the gameplay and get the balance just right.   


“Expeditions: Viking features a branching dialogue system that allows the game to manage and react to player choices. We initially estimated a word count of 200,000, but we’ve decided to increase it by an additional 80,000 words to provide players with more content and give them more options and choices on how they progress through the story,” explained Expeditions: Viking producer Ali Emek, “with that amount of content, managing localization takes more time. We think it’s worth it to make the game accessible to an international audience. That’s why we’ve arranged a number of language localizations, so from day one players will be able to enjoy Expeditions: Viking in English, French, German, Polish, and Russian.”




Viking follows up the Danish indie developer's debut title Expeditions: Conquistador. After creating a character, players take on the role of a new chieftain who must lead a small Norse village to glory. Players will need to balance dealing with the threats of neighboring clans plot with raiding or trading with a fractured England full of riches. A branching story allows for players to forge their own place in the history of Viking leaders.


Combat takes place on a tactical grid where players command their troops, each of whom has access to special abilities. Positioning and creative use of abilities will be crucial for players to progress through Expeditions: Viking. The adversaries players will be facing on the battlefield also have their own special abilities, so players will need to be cautious and on their toes when facing down someone new.  

“We received great feedback from the testers after our last closed beta session, and rescheduling the release a bit is allowing us to spend our final weeks of development on improving usability and addressing the bugs reported during the beta test,” Emek added.



Expeditions: Viking releases on April 27 for PC.

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