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Exclusive Chariot DLC Releases for Xbox One

Jack Gardner


Titled The Royal Gadget Pack, the new downloadable content for Frima Studios' Chariot adds a new playable character, five new items, and ten new achievements. Players who picked up Chariot last year will recognize the new character as the shop skeleton who gleefully supplies the two coffin-lugging heroes with items to help them on their way. He appears to posses advantageous adventuring abilities himself like throwing bones and his ever present upbeat attitude. The new items that come in the DLC add some particularly useful functions, like the ability to teleport the chariot or an upgrade for the attacks that keep thieving monsters away or even a device that can stop time.   

“The Royal Gadget Pack brings a whole new level of Chariot shenanigans to both solo and co-op players,” said Martin Brouard, Executive Producer at Frima Studios. “Some of these gadgets will delight the speedrunning community, while others will make some of the harder levels somewhat easier for less experienced players. We’ve also added the option to play as the Skeleton Merchant, which is something that many fans have been asking for since our 2014 launch.”

Unfortunately, this DLC appears to only be only for Xbox One and there are no plans to bring it to PS4, PS3, Wii U, or PC in the near future. For our thoughts on Chariot, check out our review!

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