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Ex-Halo Devs Form Multiplayer-Focused Studio

Jack Gardner



Several seasoned developers from 343 Industries who left the company some months ago have announced their new indie studio First Strike Games. Three of the four founders specifically worked on the multiplayer portions of Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians. The fourth founder, Jeff Hilbert has experience with securing financing and his profile on the First Strike website boasts that he has attracted a mind-boggling $750,000,000 for game development over his career. The First Strike team appears to be focusing their efforts specifically on their own vision of a multiplayer game. The motto on their website is "We make multiplayer" and it also states that they are "open for business... multiplayer business." 


The people involved with First Strike have extensive experience with video games of all types from the Gears of War 3 to Age of Mythology to Shenmue II. Below you can see a selection of titles that the devs have worked on. 




So, what exactly are they working on? No word as of yet as the company is still in talks with publishers and investors to develop a PC and/or console title.


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I was going to snark, "oh good more multiplayer" until I saw the games pedigree. Age of Empires? Asheron's Call? Be still my heart. 

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The games list is impressive but if Halo 5 multiplayer is one of their ideas and how they want to run a game I will be very optimistic of their first title. 

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