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Ex-Halo, Call of Duty, and Battlefield Devs Announce Unique "Co-opetition" Shooter

Jack Gardner



Composed of industry veterans with experience working on Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo, Midwinter Entertainment has announced their first game: Scavengers.


Scavengers can best be summed up as a survival game mixed with a shooter that has elements of team-based PvP mixed with PvE. Midwinter has dubbed their unique take on cooperative competition "co-opetition." Teams of players will be thrust into a starkly beautiful post-apocalyptic world that has fallen to a new ice age and they will have to battle other teams of scavengers as well as the hostile wildlife that roams the planet.


In the aftermath of the mysterious cataclysm that ended the old world, a disease has been unleashed that mutates whatever life-form it touches. The general presentation of the announcement reminded me very much of John Carpenter's The Thing, but flung far into the future. Animals have tentacles, alien deformities, and they seem to be bent on attacking humans and spreading the plague. The snowy landscapes are just the icing on the Carpenter cake.    




Midwinter indicated that Scavengers presented a technical challenge. It's large, open-world environment might seem daunting, especially in a game that will supposedly support multiple teams of players battling in the same space against each other and AI enemies. They pointed to a new tech called SpatialOS that will enable them to build up the world and online infrastructure. Different parts of the game will be supported by different servers all running concurrently, specializing in different aspects. 



Scavengers seems to be a really ambitious game made by some really talented folks. No release dates, windows, or platforms were given, but Midwinter certainly seems to have an interesting concept on their hands. 

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